About me

I am Andra. This is how I am known by those who love my music, this is how I am called by my close ones. I was born in a musical family. In our home there was always a radio on, playing music of all kinds, and all family members sang, from my mother and father to my three older brothers. So there was no surprise that I wanted also to be on the stage from a young age, singing the songs I would hear around the house, sung by my folks or by the famous artists I would hear on the radio or tape recorder.

I feel as if I was born with music in my blood, like I’ve always known that I wanted to sing and could sing. In my childhood everything seemed easier when I was singing, and later I understood that this was how I best expressed myself, and this was what represented me.

My parents noticed very soon the amazing effect music had on me and encouraged me to follow my dream. My family was by my side every step along the way in my career, and this has been a tremendous help. My musical career started when I was 14 years old. I remember my friends were playing outside or going out, while I was rehearsing or going to shows. Some would say that I sacrificed the beautiful moments of childhood, but I don’t believe so! I think that my best moments have always been connected to music. The work I did back then made me become what I am today.


I am the youngest of four siblings so I’ve always felt spoiled by my family. Like in my childhood, we have remained a united family and there is no greater joy for me when we all manage to gather in my family home for special occasions. Mom, dad, Diana, Aura and Sandel, I love you! You are my blessings!

My husband and children are another blessing. I fell in love with Maruta in 2006, we got married two years later, and God gave us David-Alexandru and Eva Maria Ioana. My children and Catalin remind me all the time that love changes everything! Thanks to them I live the most beautiful reality, in the best of all possible worlds!

TV Career

Television is a challenge for me. My family and my friends know that I love challenges and I do not avoid them, on the contrary, I seek them because I want to test my limits, to evolve.

The first show I presented was O-la-la (ProTV), a tv karaoke contest. The show had two seasons and very good ratings.

In 2011 I received “The Great Challenge”: Romania’s Got Talent. Since then I have had the honour to be one of the judges on the TV show with the greatest audience ratings ever in Romania. In 2016 I am again a judge, this time in a project that is close to my soul, The Voice Kids, where I hope to help the kids as much as I can to make their dreams come true.


Along my career I have managed to gather 12 musical records and I feel that all of them are wonders in my life. Each of them adds up my personal and artistic feelings of a specific time, of a specific period in my life. They all represent me equally and I feel that, when put together, they shape me as an artist.

The one closest to my heart is the album De la frate la sora (Brother to Sister) – the bestselling musical material of this genre in Romania. There I sang with my brother Sandel and due to the record sales I was awarded the Platinum and Diamond Record.

Another performance I am proud of is the fact that all my singles have been top ten in most Romanian charts soon after being launched.


Fame brought advertising contracts; advertisements are not goals to pursue in one’s career, but for an artist can be rather useful tools in better understanding his/her position in the audiences’ preferences. Plus, they help me look at myself objectively and see the image I project outside the music.

I don’t accept every proposal and I try to promote only products and companies I have tested and provide extra quality and value in which I believe.

Thus since 2010 I have become the image of Garnier Color Naturals and Essentials for Romania and Eastern Europe.

This was followed by image contracts with LidlBanca TransilvaniaUnilever – Delikat and, since I have become a mother and have discovered the importance of quality diapers, with Huggies.


Awards are important for every artist’s career. There are times when you look back and ask questions about where you should go. Times when you have doubts, when tragic events around you touch you and there are moments of uncertainty. This is when the awards help you regain balance, give you confidence, and are milestones showing you the way you have covered and help you keep the same path.Without false modesty, I want to say that when I look at the list of my awards I can’t believe it’s so long. At the same time, I am very grateful for all the titles and the trophies awarded to me, that tell me that my voice is appreciated, and make me understand that what I do really matters and challenge me to grow as an artist.

● “Golden record” for the sales of the album Dragostea mea (My love) – 2002
● “Best solo female singer” – top 2002 in the POPCORN magazine
● “Best female voice” – Festival of Love Songs 2003

● „Best female voice” – MTV Romania Awards 2003
● “Nomination and participation in MTV World Music Awards 2003 Scotland”
● “Best newcomer” – Radio Romania Actualitati Awards 2003
● „Best female voice” – Award of the musical magazine of the Composer’s Union 2004
● “Best video – Vreau sarutarea ta” MTV Romania Awards 2004
● “Best song of the year” 2005
● “Best female singer of the year” 2005
● Musical awards „Romanian TopHits” 2006 1st place female singers
● JetiKids Awards 2006 – Best Female Singer
● Woman of the Year awards – Best female singer of 2006 Young Generation
Golden, platinum and diamond record for the best album of 2007
● JetiKids Awards 2007 – best female singer
● Nominated for Best female singer– Woman of the year 2007
● Trophy „10 for Romania” -2007
● Platinum and diamond record for the album Popular
● Best female and Best song – Romanian Music Awards 2013
● 4 Awards – Zu TV Awards – 2014
● 2 awards at Media Music Awards 2014 (Fans Like Award & Best Female)
● 2 awards at Media Music Awards 2015 (Fans Like Award & Most Wanted Artist)
● 4 awards at Media Music Awards 2016 (Best Female, Fans Like Award, Fastest No. 1 – Niciodata sa nu spui niciodata, Best Fan)
Online performance

We live in a digital era and the online has become a stage without borders that no artist can afford to ignore. I don’t know if it’s luck, the right timing or faithful fans, but I am glad that Internet has confirmed to me that my offline artistic achievements are not accidental and my work is appreciated by people, regardless of the country, continent or corner of the world where they live.

For instance, in 2015 the single Niciodata sa nu spui niciodata (Never Say Never) was the first video from Romania with more than one million views in less than 24 hours.

In 2016 I launched the song Without You with D.Bisbal, and during the first 24 hours the video had a huge 2,5 million views (another record here).

The first song Inevitabil va fi bine (2013) (Inevitably It Will Be Alright) was viewed on Youtube over 35 million times, another record at the time.

Friends online:

Internet also helps me keep in touch the easiest with my listeners. I have over 3,3 million virtual friends on Facebook and many of those who love my music have started online communities; one of these communities has over a million likes.

All these make me realise that my music reaches the audiences’ souls. I would also like to confess a little secret, these figures overwhelm me, flatter me, but also make me more responsible. I realise that each step of my career must be well pondered, because it would hurt me to hear that I disappointed even one of those millions of people who listen to my music and follow my development.

Charity campaigns

I think celebrity comes with social responsibility, so I answer YES whenever I am asked to be part of a humanitarian campaign. I am glad I can do some good, as little as it may be. It is not easy to talk about this, and I don’t want it to sound as bragging. But I do it for the power of example. I am myself inspired by many beautiful people and disinterested gestures made from the heart, and I feel that together we can do miracles for the less fortunate. Whether we speak of helpless old people or innocent children struck by fate, people who need a second chance, if my involvement convinces even one more person to help, my effort was not in vain.

Step by step, gesture by gesture, person by person, things can change for the better and together we can make a better world for everyone.

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